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Essential Oil Spotlight: Helichrysum (Immortelle/Everlasting)




Helichrysum Italicum (Immortelle/Everlasting)

The essential oil of Helichrysum is powerful...once tried, it can never be abandoned. In our experience, an essential oil skeptic need only try Helichrysum once to become a believer! It is one of the most valuable oils in your professional or home kit!


The steam distilled oil of Helichrysum is classified as an Ester, which makes it analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-infectious, especially in cases of whooping cough. It is best known for its efficacy in treating bruises and contusions. Helichrysum contains a ketone found only in the essential oil, diketone italidone, which has a unique chain of 20 carbon atoms. More common ketones have a chain of only 10 carbon atoms. It is this unique ketone which gives Helichrysum its powerful anti-hematomal properties. This action also makes it a good detoxifier, but also cautions against its use with anti-coagulants.

Helichrysum's anti-inflammatory properties effect many different ailments and illnesses: osteoarthritis, bursitis, tendonitis and respiratory issues such as sinus infection and bronchitis. Helichrysum's analgesic properties often help in synergy with the anti-inflammatory action, soothing aches and pains.

A study found that Helichrysum, among other oils high in monoterpenol, is effective in treating gram-negative multi-drug resistant bacteria that cause infections, from urinary tract to respiratory system.

On a different level, Helichrysum is said to be grounding without being heavy. It helps bring a sense of connection to those who are disconnected both from others and from themselves. Many people remark that it is a complex oil with very subtle but powerful energetic action.

We offer two organic Helichrysum essential oils, one from Corsica and one from Balkans.


Hydrosols often contain similar benefits as their essential oil. Helichrysum hydrosol is a great choice in wound care wash, providing anti-bacterial action. As a compress, it will certainly help prevent serious bruises from forming.

Used in a friction with Peppermint hydrosol, it is a wonderful after-sports muscle reliever. As a compress, it will ease pain of bruising or encourage post surgical healing. In a spray, it will help heal sutures and bed sores when touching with other physical preparations is painful. It is a great addition as a mouth rinse in daily dental care too. Also, as a spray, helichrysum hydrosol helps to ease melancholy, especially if in regard to family issues.

Scars | Acne | Wounds | Ulcers | Bruises | Sprains | Analgesic | Anti-spasmodic | Anti-infectious 

Anti-inflammatory | Calming | Grounding 


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