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Lip balms can be a great stocking stuffer and gift for the holidays, especially with the dry weather we find ourselves immersed in over these winter months. Here is a lovely, moisturizing recipe that is simple and easy to make at home. Get creative with your flavor profiles using essential oils and switch up the butters or base oils to best suit your preference.

Basic Lip Balm Recipe


Tip: If you do not have a lip balm tube tray, place tubes in a straight walled container (ex. Tupperware, dish, cup, etc.) and use paper towel or tissue to tightly pack them in, this will ensure that the tubes are standing up straight.


  • 1.In a one-cup pyrex glass measuring cup set in a shallow pan of simmering water on the stovetop (medium low), add the beeswax, carrier oils and butters and begin melting. The water level in the pan should be no lower than one inch.
  • 2.Once the beeswax has melted completely, remove from heat and add your essential oils. It is important not to add them while the heat is on, as they will burn off quickly and leave your lip balm virtually scentless.
  • 3.Immediately pour the hot mixture into lip balm tubes or pots. If the mixture cools too quickly while you are pouring, scrape it from the sides of the glass and re-melt it over the double boiler again.
  • 4.Allow to cool completely before capping each container.

The combinations are endless when it comes to flavoring your lip balms! Some personal favourites are pure organic peppermintcocoa absolutecardamomvanilla absoluteblood orangecinnamonspearmint or lemon tea tree


Introducing Tum-Ease...Our Newest Synergy!

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Our Shea Butter: Supporting Tapko Widow's Group in Ghana

When you use our  Shea Butter you are not only using some of the purest product available anywhere, you are also helping to support an entire village in Northern Ghana! True Essence Shea Butter is purchased from Shea Butter Market in Ghana, here’s a little bit about their inspiring story... Our Shea Butter is purchased directly from the Tapko Widow’s Group, who [...]

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Blending is all about balancing notes – much like balancing notes when creating a song or flavours when cooking! Having oils in a blend that marry all the different notes will give you rich and complex aroma. Top Notes These are “lighter” oils that evapourate quickly. They will have a strong smell in the beginning and then dissipate as time goes on. [...]

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Essential Oil Spotlight: Eucalyptus-Which One Should I Choose?

There are literally hundreds of varieties of Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus globulus is the most commonly available and familiar species, but there are about 15 varieties of Eucalyptus available to the aromatherapy market. It is important to know which species of Eucalyptus you are purchasing as each one has slightly different chemistry and therapeutic use. We recommend that you do not purchase [...]

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HOW DO YOU CHOOSE A CARRIER OIL?  PART I: Quick Reference Guide of Carrier Oils based on Conditions & Skin Types Essential Oils are extremely concentrated and should always be diluted prior to use on the skin. This is commonly done by diluting them in a  carrier oil (base oil). These oils are usually created from cold-pressing vegetable matter, seeds or nuts. Cold-pressing involves [...]

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HELICHRYSUM Helichrysum Italicum (Immortelle/Everlasting) The essential oil of Helichrysum is powerful...once tried, it can never be abandoned. In our experience, an essential oil skeptic need only try Helichrysum once to become a believer! It is one of the most valuable oils in your professional or home kit!ESSENTIAL OIL The steam distilled oil of Helichrysum is classified as an Ester, [...]

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YOUR ACNE ARSENAL: Acneic Skin Care Regime

Whether you are a teen or an adult, the appearance and discomfort of acne can be overwhelming. Hormonal changes can occur at various stages of our lives and testosterone can cause the body to start creating more sebum. This is the skin’s natural oil production that helps protect the skin from contamination. Sometimes the sebum becomes clogged under the [...]

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DIY: Calendula Healing Ointment

This easy healing ointment requires only 3 ingredients  and you can customize the essential oils to suit your needs. Calendula Infused Oil makes an excellent healing base for your preparation. It is an infused or macerated herbal oil that is widely known for its healing properties for slow healing wounds, bed sores, cuts and burns. It is astringent and has [...]

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